Red Skies at Night

Sunday 2nd December 2018

Anyone who is reading these words in North London, take a short break and go and look out of the window. If you look closely you will notice a significant red glow to the night sky. Anyone who paid a visit to London N5 this afternoon knows exactly why.

Outgunned, outfought, outplayed, outclassed.

Our record in the first half of matches this season doesn’t make pleasant reading. And come half time this afternoon that hadn’t improved. But not because of our performance. For all but a five minute spell we were by far the better side. A spell where we paid the ultimate cost for highly debatable decisions going against us. Our reaction to the disappointment was magnificent. And boy did we enjoy it. North London is redder than ever.

There are definitely unique sensations in the week we play that lot. Big games have you full of butterflies and adrenalin accompanying the hope of victory. The difference for me in this fixture is that additional fear of losing. A heady combination that can lead to anything from lost sleep to physical shakes! But love or hate those feelings, it is incredible to experience.

I wouldn’t say the pub and streets in N5 were crammed full of confidence. But there was considerable optimism.

But our team needed to prove that right.

The second period today, when we could have crumbled having gone into the break undeservedly behind, was a joy to witness. Awesome football at times and an unquenchable desire for victory all over the park, matched by our players fighting for each other (on and off the pitch!). Regularly geeing the crowd up and a situation where every Gooner present could see how much the players wanted it created an atmosphere right up there. It’s rare we get to say it but the Emirates was absolutely rocking.

Lucas’ reaction to his goal demonstrated everything I mention above. A cocktail of joy and sheer passion. And when Sokratis underwent another crunching tackle before punching the air it was equally as inspiring.

A day of incredible emotion then and a massively deserved three points too. Get in!

Tomorrow is a big date on the football calendar as we find out who we will take on in early January in the FA Cup 3rd Round. Again, something unusual would be nice.

And then Tuesday it’s off to Fratton Park to see if our impressive group of youngsters can progress in the Checkatrade Trophy.

For now though, I think I might go home and watch Match of the Day.

Or I could always compile my best Arsenal/Spurs eleven. If I am a twat that is.

I’ll say it again, outgunned, outfought, outplayed, outclassed.




2 responses to “Red Skies at Night”

  1. Keith says :


  2. Upgrade says :

    What perfect end to the week!!!

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