A Lumpy Three Points

Saturday 8th December 2018

For all the talk of ‘how many’ rather than if we would win today, that victory felt massive. And not only that it probably brought everyone down to earth a little bit after thoroughly deserving to beat Middlesex last week and coming away a bit disappointed with just a point from Old Trafford. There are no easy games in the Premier League folks. And if today doesn’t demonstrate that nothing will.

I’m writing these notes on my train home whilst enjoying a coffee. Yep, a coffee. The last couple of weeks have felt particularly heavy and I just fancied one. And I say ‘enjoy’ but 2 and a half quids worth of a lumpy brown cupful is stretching the truth a little there.

But if that is all I’ve got to complain about I’ll take that. Our little Uruguayan’s late winner has made sure we have all had another good day.

The build up was good enough, the air full of anticipation and confidence in the pub, a little too much of the latter in my book. Don’t get me wrong, I thought we would win today. But unless we scored early and took the game by the scruff of the neck I didn’t expect the cricket score some were predicting.

Huddersfield came with a game plan. Keep it tight, waste time, spoil etc etc. And to be fair they did that well. Acknowledgement rather than praise believe me. But in a first half of few chances we still should have gone into the break with a lead.

Laca’s disallowed goal means I no longer understand the offside rule. He didn’t touch the ball until he intercepted the defender’s back pass in what has widely been described as the ‘second phase’. Yet he was deemed as being offside. Nope. You’ve lost me I’m afraid.

We weren’t very good today. But we kept going. Kept probing. Looking for that winner. And with time running out it came. The jostle was laced with equal amounts of relief and joy and three massive points are in the bag. Lovely. That will do.

The last game of this season’s European group stage comes next as we take on Baku’s Qarabag. Another opportunity for our younger talent to show what they’ve got it would be fantastic to make it 22 unbeaten if nothing else.

I’m going to finish chewing on my coffee and enjoy Saturday nights offerings with a celebratory and victorious feel. Coz that’s what I do when we win. Whatever the scoreline, whoever the opponent.

See you Thursday.

Up the Gunners!



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