Group Completed

Thursday 13th December 2018

I could be accused of being a miserable so and so but I’m not a massive fan of this time of the year. Many of us enjoy the social side of life most weeks. Others come out at Christmas. You know the kind. Those that feel it is a good idea to either offer me the rotten end of the manky roll they’ve just bought from one of Waterloo’s establishment or if not ask me if I think my team are ‘a bit shit’ because we only beat Qarabag 1 nil.

Add in the fact I am standing on my 10.30pm train on a Thursday night and its not altogether pleasant. Happy Christmas everybody.

Tonight was always going to be a bit low key football wise. Any match where a 25 nil victory either way doesn’t matter is always going to be that way. A European league format negative I guess.


But I had a fine night. Good food, drink and awesome banter in a Christmas spirit filled London meant we attended our sparsely attended fixture in fine spirits. And whilst our victory in a poor game won’t persuade anyone who didn’t attend that it was the wrong decision, we made sure we enjoyed every minute with a smile.

Southampton away next then, and a squad full of players looking to impress their new manager. A difficult and unpredictable mix for me.

Make some noise!

I’m going to bed. On a Thursday. And I’m not dressed as an elf.



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