Not Ideal

Wednesday 26th December 2018

Sometimes I don’t really fancy writing a blog. Especially anything detailed. Tonight is one of those nights. I enjoy Boxing Day football. And everything about the day has been spot on. Except the result. Not a defeat. But not a victory either.

Travel the day after Christmas is never easy. But we booked a bus. From Pompey to Brighton. And that bit, along with our chosen establishment in Brighton city centre for our pre-match refreshment, could not have gone any smoother.

But, having taken the lead, and looking extremely comfortable, to go in at half time level from an equaliser that came about from a hoof away from one of our corners was disappointing and extremely frustrating.

I knew we were capable of winning the game in the second period but we are certainly not setting the world on fire so I knew we had equally as good a chance of losing. And by letting in yet another stupid goal we put ourselves in a position where a clean sheet in the second half would not see us victorious.

A point to ‘enjoy’ with the cold meat and piccalilli then. I say piccalilli, but I use that in the traditional sense of the word rather than the fact I’ve got any in my house. But I do have cold meat. Loads of it. And I will enjoy it because tomorrow I’m having root canal treatment on a dodgy tooth. Happy days.

A trip to the league leaders next then and a team that couldn’t possibly be more cock-a-hoop right now. Our chances of winning the game are slim I would suggest.

But not impossible. And the challenge is there to end their unbeaten run.

Up the Gunners!



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