Sunday 30th December 2018

We will score goals with this team. Even yesterday we created enough chances to have scored more than just the one we did. But we are very weak at the other end of the pitch right now and any side who is top of the league will find that easy to expose. All the more worrying perhaps is the fact our hosts won so comfortably without really needing to get out of second gear.

For the second away game on the bounce travel from London was difficult, this time due to TV’s chosen kick-off time making it impossible to get back by train after. So with that, holiday traffic and the miles and miles of roadworks, the M6 looked even less appealing than usual. An early start however, saw a far more comfortable journey than feared and we were quickly in our chosen pre match hostelry after checking into our hotel located in the Albert Dock area of the city.

Optimism wasn’t to the fore it has to be said and we can hardly be blamed for that. But football is totally unpredictable so we headed up to Anfield with hope if nothing else.

And when we started well and took the lead that positive vibe briefly increased.

Looking at the goals we conceded individually I think we were a tad unfortunate with the first but the 2nd and 3rd showed some totally inept defending. The 3rd in fact was like something from a local park. Disappointing, frustrating and annoying, time and time again right now we are showing examples of just how much work is needed to get it right.

The penalties were somewhere between soft and a joke and demonstrated again how easy it is to fool someone who has never played the game. Next time you are walking down a busy street, stop dead and see if the person behind bumps into you. It’s not rocket science.

My head this morning confirms we did what is commonly known as ‘drowning our sorrows’ in various parts of Liverpool city centre last night.

A bad day at the office but there’s no time to cry into our beer. Fulham arrive after hitting a little bit of form in their bid to survive. We’ve played 4 teams in a similar position in recent games and we have unconvincingly beaten two of them. Evidence enough that we will need to earn the right to pick up our first three points of 2019.

For now, it’s back to the roadworks. Triffic.



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