Making it Your Day

Saturday 12th January 2018

Sometimes, in defeat, you can argue it hasn’t been your day. And in 2 short periods during the course of today’s game we created enough decent chances to have scored. But in the vast majority of the 90 plus minutes we cannot have any argument or excuses for our performance.

That’s not me saying our hosts were great. They were no more than mediocre. Yet we lost to them.

Sometimes I’m full of words. But not this afternoon. Our recent away performances have very much mirrored virtually all of last season’s. And although I am very much a believer our manager needs to build and nurture his own squad rather than totally rely on the one he has inherited, our performances need to drastically improve. And quickly.

Chelsea at home next then. I would like to describe that one as a tough fixture on paper. But I wouldn’t put Brighton, Southampton or West Ham in that bracket and we’ve picked up one point out of nine against them. So tell me any easy game right now.

Keep the faith.



One response to “Making it Your Day”

  1. Large-it says :

    Your comments are so true. We were awful. We have had only 2 really good performances all season. We have gone backwards rather than forwards.

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