Sunday 7th April 2019

Journeys home from away games up north give you time to reflect. Time to let the frustration, the disappointment and the anger calm down when you’ve got beaten. Time to consider a more level headed opinion rather than the ranting and raving immediately post match.

Often this has you realising that maybe we were a little bit unlucky to be going home with nothing. But not today unfortunately. We were poor and got exactly what we deserved. Nothing.

Going into the game full of optimism means it feels doubly disappointing to be honest. And as my train hurtles south, I’m genuinely struggling to find any positives. Offering so little over the ninety minutes is certainly worrying given the list of games we have remaining.

Liverpool as a city at the weekend has a lot going for it. It enjoys a party and with horse racing’s biggest showpiece event just down the road it was even busier than usual. And travelling up yesterday it was definitely something to look forward to.

Our accommodation was decent, pretty cool to be fair and in an area of the city where the party vibe was full on. So it would have been extremely rude not to have enjoyed it to the fore. So we did. All a total success other than finding myself in the hotel corridor in the middle of the night having mistaken the room door for the bathroom. No disaster of course, but standing in reception, in my pants, desperate for the loo, asking for a spare key, wasn’t pretty. Especially for the night porter who had to deal with it!

Sunday morning and breakfast was consumed with a large chunk of discomfort but having enjoyed the pre match build up in our usual Everton away haunt, the stroll across Stanley Park included a mass of anticipation and hope for a positive result.

There’s not a huge amount I can say about the game. I think playing Mo and Matteo together was a mistake. And the negativity it produced proved I was correct to have those reservations. Our strongest period in the game was early in the 2nd half when we made changes. But that should have been from minute one. And it probably would have meant we wouldn’t have gone behind.

But, we had 85 plus minutes to turn it around and the most disappointing factor is we never really looked like we could do that.

So a defeat and damaging to our top 4 hopes. We need to dust ourselves down and come back strong on Thursday night. A clean sheet and a lead would be a decent result to take out to Naples. We are capable of achieving just that. But if we play like we did today we will get beaten. It’s as simple as that.

See you Thursday.

Up the mighty Arse!



One response to “Pants”

  1. Martin O'Donnell says :

    Your Blog reminded me of a trip to London for a Home game where I had booked a room at a remarkably cheap hotel in Westminster. A grand room but shared shower room which was right next to my bedroom door. So no need to change , just whack a towel around me and pop into the shower room.

    Took my key card of course, but following my ablutions and a towel dry i popped out of the shower room and placed the keycard to the bedroom lock in the full expectation that the door would certainly open.

    Of course it didn’t!

    Nothing for it but to stride manfully down to the reception in a damp towel and an confident manner and ask for my keycard to be reset.

    It was interesting.

    At least you had your pants!

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