No Stings From The Hornets

Tuesday 16th April 2019

It’s funny but we all have little things we do on match days. I for example wear home socks for home games (red & white) and away socks for away games (yellow & blue). And yep, I’m 49. At Everton I forgot. So that defeat was my fault. Tonight I didn’t forget. And it worked. That result is in the book. Despite the fact the performance wasn’t the greatest we ground it out. It’s in the book.

A number of us met down in the city mid afternoon. So by the time we headed to Euston we were all in the usual fine spirits. And consequently the commuters heading back to Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and beyond were treated to the fine company of Gooners heading to a Monday night away game.

Watford were always going to be buoyant after last weekend. And we all looked at it as a game of 2 possibilities Would they be on a massive high full of players demanding a place in the cup final line up? Or players pulling out of tackles so they don’t get injured? Or should we all just admit that is too much analysis? Especially with our away form.

Let battle commence

Let battle commence

We started ok I felt and took the game to our hosts. But our opener was a massive combination of strange, unusual, excellent gambling from our centre forward, good luck and bad goalkeeping. And it all added up to an opening goal that was to prove ultimately crucial on the night.

The sending was a little bit soft. But if you choose to put your forearm into the face of an opponent well after the ball has gone you run a huge risk of having to face the consequences. And with that particular player you wont find any sympathy coming from any Gooner I’m afraid.

Our hosts going down to 10 men could only help our target to come away with 3 points. But did it? As is often the case it seemed to galvanize the team who felt they had been punished and arguably made it even more difficult on the night. Throw in the fact we looked a little bit nervous at times and it was definitely pleasing to hear that final whistle with our lead in tact.

We have 2 potential routes to claiming a Champions League spot and the other is where we head next. At half time we are in a good position but Naples is an extremely tough place to get a result. They will be immensely fired up. We go there however, on the back of a good result last night and a lead to fight for.

Be safe and come on you mighty Gunners!!



One response to “No Stings From The Hornets”

  1. Patrick says :

    I thought the Everton defeat was my fault – I was wearing the third shirt and the team were in red and white… 😁

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