The Silk Road Beckons

Friday 3rd May 2019

Letting in an away goal can be hugely costly. And there is a chance that could still be the case. But if you do concede like we did last night all you can do is your utmost to try and turn it around. And to take a 3-1 lead out to Spain gives us a chance. We are not through of course but we certainly have given ourselves an opportunity to extend our season to the very end of May.

Our aim simply has to be being able to play Champions League football. I think we can all be accused of taking it for granted down the years but having slipped out of the competition it has become very obvious how difficult it is to get back in.

But it is safe to say these Thursday jobs have proved to be marvellously entertaining both on and off the pitch. And as I write these thoughts lying in my bed in a Southsea B & B my thumping head tells me this week’s has been no different.

It has been a very difficult week or so for us Gooners. What looked like a massive chance to cement a top four place has dramatically disintegrated and now looks hugely unlikely. So this semi final has become even bigger if that is possible. And in the streets of N5 you could definitely sense that.

Going behind early on definitely wasn’t in the plans but having done just that the character we showed by means of our reaction was impressive, pleasing and so so important.

Having taken the lead I genuinely thought there was a period where our visitors were there for the taking. But saying that, as the game wore on, there was also an increasing danger of an equaliser. Auba’s late strike could prove enormous. And by the massive roar that echoed into the night sky, I think all those present knew it.

So a decent half time lead to take to Spain next week but before that we welcome the Seagulls to North London for our final home league game of the season. Given how the last 3 games in the league have gone for us I feel it is impossible to offer any analysis pre match. Brighton desperately need something from the game and out recent capitulation will give them confidence they are capable of achieving just that.

But three points for us keeps our slim chances of a top 4 finish alive to the very last day. And that is enough of an incentive to put in a performance.

Enjoy your weekend folks and see you on Sunday.

Up the mighty Gunners!



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