About Me

My name is Frank Stubbs and since attending my first game as a 6 year old back in January 1977 I have followed the Arsenal over land and sea.

My attendance through my youth was due to the kindness of my father and as I reached adulthood the numbers of games missed became less and less through the eighties. My first ‘full house’ was 1989-90 season and this has pretty much remained the situation ever since. Even UK and overseas friendlies have become the norm over the last 15 years or so seeing destinations from Warsaw to Jakarta, Lisbon to Hanoi and Dunfermline to Tokyo added to the list!

Back in the Summer of 1999, arsenal.com invited fans to submit an example ‘diary’ of their typical trip to follow the team. After a shortlist was selected another was requested surrounding a pre-season trip to Notts County. After describing my exploits I was asked to become the club website’s ‘Fans Diarist’. Approximately 1000 games later and here I am, still following the team home and away, over land and sea and this blog will continue the story.


One response to “About Me”

  1. Dean clough says :

    Hi Frank r Paths have crossed a few times. Just wanted to thank you for Ticket on sät. Via Andy k. Austria. Could See u were busy so did Not bother with small Talk. Heres The Thing i am Based in Vienna And also have a gaff 5 Mins from Badwaltersdorf. Yours when u want it. Keep up your good work for The Arsenal. U r a fucking Diamond son

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